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Good Dr. Chiropractic

Our Good Doctor Chiropractic Clinic first opened on April 2014 in Lynnwood. With a relaxing and refined clinic environment, we are distinguishable from other traditional chiropractic clinics. We try our best to take the consideration of even smallest details and we treat our patients as if they are part of our family.


Possessing 20 years of experience, Dr Kim graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1998 and first gained his chiropractic experience through treating military academy students in emergency, acute, and chronic situations when they suffered from pain. Later, Dr Kim helped patients who came with a wide variety of different chronic systemic disease when he worked in TMJ dental & Chiropractic Clinic for 8 years as an assistant director.


After working in clinics located in Edmonds and SEATAC areas, Dr Kim now treats his patients in the Good Doctor Chiropractic Clinic in Lynnwood.


In the Good Doctor Chiropractic Clinic, we treat spinal diseases as well as different symptoms involved in arms, legs, and musculoskeletal system. Accompanied with a traditional chiropractic treatment, we use modern laser and taping therapies to fix the pain in muscle and ligament areas. Diseases in neck and waist disc, the most frequent reason for patients to visit chiropractic clinic, are treated with a decompressor. We help patients suffering from permanent headaches and patients who gained injuries from exercising. Patients from auto accidents qualify to receive clinic’s every service and consultation to achieve an efficient recovery. Our Good Doctor Chiropractic Clinic is proud of effective new medical technologies and comfortable service that are difficult to experience in other clinics. Patients are especially satisfied from our free aqua massage for all our patients. The Good Doctor Chiropractic Clinic will try our best to provide the quickest and most effective treatment to all our patients.

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Contact Information

Call : 425-775-7550

Fax : 425-775-7551


19514 64th Ave. W Suite B

Lynnwood, WA 98036  

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