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Aqua Massage Therapy



How Aqua Massage Therapy Can Help

If you suffer from chronic pain, tension, anxiety, stress, insomnia or muscle spasm issues, you may be able to benefit from a remarkable modern-day healing technique known as aqua massage therapy. The most remarkable of all for a water-based therapy is the fact that you never have to get wet or even disrobe. Let us take a closer look at what our  aqua massage therapy services are all about and what they can do for you.


About Aqua Massage Therapy


In its more traditional forms, massage therapy has long been renowned for its ability to help the body heal itself in several ways. Massage therapy offers many of the exact same benefits; the only difference is that the tissues are manipulated not by human hands but by pulsating jets of warm water. Another fascinating aspect of this massage technique is that water conveys its benefits without ever touching your body directly. Our aqua massage therapy device is a piece of equipment that at first glance looks something like a tanning bed. All you must do is lie comfortably on the "bed" part of the machine after removing your shoes; the rest of your clothes can stay on. We then lower the top part of the machine over your body. This permits you to receive a whole-body massage, with the component that directs the jets of water passing over your entire body from head to toe. You never get wet because all the water is contained within a thin but thoroughly waterproof membrane.


Dr. Kim often prescribes aqua massage alongside our other forms of conservative treatment as part of a larger, customized pain management and personal wellness plan. Its ability to relax and loosen muscles can help your body accept chiropractic adjustments more readily. This same relaxation can help you get over a constant or recurring muscle spasm while relieving stiffness, soreness and pain. As your muscles relax, you may feel pent-up emotional stress releasing its grip on you; this can improve your sleep patterns, reduce feelings of anxiety and even help optimize your immune response. Meanwhile, the stimulating effect of aqua massage therapy also enhances circulation, making it an invaluable tool to accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries.


An aqua massage session only takes about 15min - 20mins, during which time you get to relax, listen to music or even take a quick nap.

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